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I Love Bicycling is about the information I wish I knew when I started cycling.

I have gone through most of my life learning through trial and error, and although it is a great way to learn, as the lessons stick with you, it is usually a slow and painful process. I now educate myself through reading books, taking courses, talking with others to see what they do and of course still through trial and error. I hope to share some stories (errors) with you so that it does not take you as long to realize that some small changes can make all the difference.

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Cycling Motivation

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27 November 2014 By Lee Agur in Stunt Videos

Best Artistic Cycling

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Cycling Motivation

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08 October 2014 By Lee Agur in Stunt Videos

Extreme Lego Biking!

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10 Reasons to Commute to Work on Bike

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5 Reasons Why Cyclists Shave Their Legs


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Top 10 Ways To Lose Weight Cycling

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